So many of the families I photograph, like the Woolhouses featured here, comment to me after their session about how much fun it was and how they really didn’t expect to enjoy the experience at all!

But really, when you think about it, what’s NOT to love?

You get to spend a full hour of uninterrupted time with your nearest & dearest – no phones, no TV, no-one else.

Just your family.

Speaking from my own experience, I was, admittedly dreading having our portraits taken by my dear friend and fellow-photog Nic Duncan just less than a year ago. But I look back at the whole experience & it warms my heart.  Not only did we treasure being together on the beach with the furry member of the family, Rosie, but afterwards, we had dinner out together to round off a really special evening.

I know for a fact that this gorgeous family also had a blast. (Phil actually received a BLAST from a live electric fence to the delight of the girls!).

So what’s holding you back?

Is it your turn to have a bit of fun – I promise you’ll forget that my camera and I are even there!! (I did, Nic!)




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