I’m thrilled to share Toban + Andrew’s wedding photos here, especially as they chose to have a “First Look”.

“What is a First Look?” …. you might be thinking.

A first look (also known as a “reveal”) is usually a pre-organised & semi-staged private meeting of the bride & groom (or groom & groom, or bride & bride) before their ceremony, which is quietly captured by your photographer from a distance. (Fly on the wall!)  They provide me with some of the most emotive & beautiful photo-ops of a wedding day.

It’s chance to be together, to see each other all dressed up & to absorb the significance of the day. There are lots of reasons why a couple may choose this option including;

  • for the emotive & meaningful photos it creates
  • to feel more calm during your ceremony,
  • to have more personal time with your future husband/wife on your wedding day,
  • to savour that moment you first see one another on your wedding day, alone, so the moment is not overshadowed by wedding guests

Having said all that, in a recent survey by Australian website EasyWeddings.com.au  most couples still prefer the tradition of first seeing their fiancé down the aisle.  Almost 1000 couples, 52% said couples shouldn’t see each other before, 45% didn’t understand why it would be a problem and 13% hedged their bets, saying it would be okay if the lights weren’t on. (?!)

Whichever camp you sit in – traditional or not – your wedding day will be like no other, guaranteed!  Every wedding is unique – in my eight years and hundreds of weddings, I’ve never seen a duplicate!

Here’s Toban and Andrew’s one-of-a-kind wedding…

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