So I’ve had a big secret for a month or so and now I’m allowed to share!

      Today, two VIPs from the UK are heading to Albany, and, because one of them is very interested in “organics” and the other, in wine, they’ll be visiting Oranje Tractor for a private tour of the garden and vineyard, and they’ll be presented with a copy of the book that Pam wrote -“This Tractor Life”.

      And guess what? Because I photographed the pics in the book, I get to meet them too! (Here’s some of the pics that are in the book.) Who would have thought that these pics I took would end up in the hands of The Royals! Now that’s something a bit different.

      There’ll be a big media circus today – a TV crew and a contingent of photographers from both UK and Oz and most will operate from a pool… but I get free-range along with only one other photographer (the official Royals photographer). I get to “hang out” with Camilla and Charles!

      Excited much!!!!???

      See you on the other side!

      PS – here’s the link to the book if you’d like a copy….