There’s never a good-convenient-perfect-easy-right time to have your family photos taken.  You will probably get a reaction like I did from your spouse this time last year when the wonderful Nic Duncan took ours… “Really, do we have to?“.

You might be thinking… “We’ll wait until {insert appropriate ; Jimmy’s braces are off, I lose weight, Sally’s tooth has grown back, Jack turns one, Hubby’s not so busy etc…}”

Meanwhile, the weeks/months/years roll on and you’ve missed capturning your family as they are “NOW”!

And there’s no turning back the clock!

Congrats Swain Family! You bit the bullet. Jayne, it took a couple of gos but we managed to nail down that husband of yours.  And it was sooooo worth it!  I LOVE these girls – I’ve been watching them grow so fast. So pleased to have caught them as they are NOW!


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