Now that I’ve got my shiny new blog-site up and running, I’m determined to catch-up with the blog posts that I’ve had planned for some time.

This is a photo that I had published in the third volume of The Smith Journal (you may be more familiar with Frankie Magazine, also produced by these publishers).   The article is fascinating. It’s a collection of four stories by men who have used their hands to tell stories of their  very interesting lives.   The owners of the hands include boxing icon Fred Brophy, archeologist Dan Potts and Dr Thomas Starzl who performed the world first liver transplant.

My set of hands were of Paddy Hart who jumped ship at Albany in 1959 (from the Irish Merchant Navy) and worked as a whaler for 18 years.  Paddy is now a passionate advocate for the preservation of whales and can tell a good yarn – I think its amazing that he kept his story to just one page!


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Paddy’s Hands
The Smith Journal





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