The conversation before the wedding went something like this….

Bride-To-Be-Shannon: “Mmmm, we’re looking at the weather forecast and it looks like it will rain.”

Me: “Nah, the weather man always gets it wrong – it won’t be THAT wet! We’ll be fine!”

So, it was wet.

Really really wet. Two inches of ran fell while these guys celebrated.  The wettest December day in 40 years.  Moral of the story – I am the world’s lousiest weather reader.

Fortunately, Maitraya is THE most perfect location for a day like that.  The guests were snug & dry in the glass ceiling atrium and we had fun on the verandas of the various buildings on the property. Oh, and occasionally we braved the rain and got a little wet!

Thank you Mat and Shannon for making this tricky day sooooo much fun and a joy to photograph. It will be a wedding your guests will remember always!

PS; Those were the best-behaved flower girls I have ever photographed! (And the bridal party were pretty good too 😉

























































































Venue:                   Maitraya Private Retreat & Albany Event Hire

Wedding Gown:  Fara Almasi Couture

Celebrant:             Shane Atherton, Donnybrook

Flowers:                Lush Floral Designs

Hair:                       Kylie Apostoles, Morgan Annie

Beauty:                  Tammy Bolton, Donnybrook

Catering:               Gourmet Grub

Macaroon Tower: Maison Saint Honore

Band:                      Easy Tigers




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