Ooooo, finally I’m blogging this ripper of a wedding.

Pippa + Travis were my dream Bride and Groom – lovers of photography.

Of course, every wedding has a budget (even Kate and Harry’s – although of a rather terrifyingly different scale).  And couples usually need to choose priorities for their budget – to decide which aspects of their wedding day they won’t compromise on, and which areas they can be budget-savvy with.

For Pippa + Travis, location and photography were high on their list. YAY!!  Fortunately for them, they had their location covered – their stunning family property known locally as “Limeburners”.  I interviewed Pippa about this magic day.

{Krysta} Describe how you met & tell us about your proposal.

{Pippa} Travis and I met through friends at Frenchman Bay. We both grew up in Little/Big Grove, which is why Travis chose Sharp Point lookout as the location for his proposal. It’s a beautiful spot we often visit and he took me there after a day of gardening. My hair was a mess, I was in my grubby clothes and my nails were full of dirt. But it was perfect to us!

Did you chose a particular theme or style and if so, why?

Our wedding was to be simple and elegant with a touch of vintage. We tried to avoid current trends that we may regret in years to come and stay true to ourselves. We love going to antique shops and looking for treasures that are timeless.

Did your chosen location have any specific significance?

The Scott family’s property was an obvious choice as it’s a naturally stunning location. But also because it holds lots of memories for us as a couple. We can visit anytime and reminisce about our special day.

Tell us about any special touches/mentions/family traditions at your wedding.

My something “old”, was a brooch that belonged to my Nana. She passed away 2 years ago; I pinned it to my bouquet, as a special memento. My something “borrowed” was Mum’s Jimmy Choo heels, that she bought for my older sister’s wedding. Very luxurious!

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

Travis requested the band play “Punks not Dead” at our reception. We had an impromptu first dance as husband and wife to it and let loose on the dance floor! Both of us were ready to have a great night celebrating with our family and friends.

Which was your favourite photo & why?

First:  After the first kiss, we both look so happy & relieved. The hard part is over!

Second: It’s a sweet photo, we laughed when we first saw it. You forget how to be natural when someone’s taking your photo. That’s how we ended up with an Eskimo kiss.

Third: It’s beautiful. Simple. We look relaxed and content.

Special tunes?

  • Processional: “Into My Arms” Nick Cave  (Trav chose it for me)

  • First Dance: “Can’t Help Falling In Love” Elvis Presley. (We dance to it in the kitchen)

Tell us about your honeymoon

We’re planning a trip to Vietnam in July 2018 and are looking forward to spending 3 weeks exploring the culture, eating lots of delicious food and relaxing by the pool.

What tips have you got other brides/couples?

Decide which aspect of the whole day is most important to you? Plan that first. For us, it was the photography. After everyone’s gone home and the day is done, all you’re left with are memories and the beautiful photos captured by your chosen photographer. Make it count.

Any other special comments about your wedding you’d like to add?

We loved having a small, intimate wedding and involving family wherever possible. Including having our nieces and nephew as the flower girls and ring bearer.







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