You might be surprised, but being a “people photographer” can be quite a lonely job – most of the time I’m not actually “with people”. ⁣

At a guess, I’d say I spend only about 10% of my time actually with my clients. 90% of the time I’m busy in the office with the post processing and communications and general office “stuff” that is all part of running a photography business.⁣

But that’s where colleagues like this one come into the picture.  This is Dani from Wheatbelt Photography. She lives in Kalannie, which is quite a way from Albany but we’re part of a group of dozen or so other  women who are also in the business of “people photography” from all over The State – Perth, the South West, Geraldton, the Wheatbelt etc.

(Oh yes, and sometimes one man, Mike from Bunbury. He’s not afraid of us or our sometimes inappropriate conversation topics!) ⁣

We “come together” online most days and very occasional in real-life, at industry events.  We might not see each other for years…but I’ve become very reliant on the office banter that livens up my days. I was excited to have Dani IN REAL LIFE in Albany last summer and even more excited to spend time with her family for a portrait session on the beach… which I am finally getting around to blogging.  ⁣

I knew this would be a “high-energy” session – three farmer boys (well, 4 counting Rowan!)   I wasn’t wrong –  was so much fun …  coming back next summer Dani?





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