Oh gosh! I loved every second of this stunning wedding. So thrilled to be sharing not only some of the photos from the day, but also a bit more of the story as told by the Bride and Groom themselves. I had such a giggle reading Lou’s responses to my questions especially where she shares the cheeseburger and honeymoon stories.  Enjoy!

Lou + Harry worked with these fabulous wedding vendors:


It really was the most magical day both of us have ever had!  {Lou}

Describe how you met & tell us about your proposal.

We met through mutual friends at a place called ‘the schmilton’ – the chemistry was undeniable… although there were a few bumps in the road in our way, we still made it work (thanks to Louise for not giving up on Harry 🙂 )  At first we were together in secret. It wasn’t till a few months after we could tell the world!! Harry proposed at the kunja villas in seminyak , villa 16 on the 16th December ! Again there were bumps in the road to get that to work but he still managed… thank god!! The moment was on video and the feelings were indescribable!

Did you chose a particular theme or style and if so, why?

Lou just ran with it, Harry requested a band and cheeseburgers and he got it!! Although he didn’t think he was going to get the cheeseburger I managed to get 100 of them out there and in everyone’s bellies at midnight!

Did your chosen location have any specific significance?

We went there once and nowhere else!  It was perfect from the very first moment we saw it!

Tell us about any special touches at your wedding.

The “hand binding” from Louise’s mum Julie was very special to Louise. We just wanted it to be a very laid-back, cruisey day and that certainly delivered.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

The ceremony, the moment lou walked down the isle to Mr Van Morrison and seeing each other!!  The little chats we had whilst we were standing there too!!

Which was your favourite photo & why?

We don’t really have a particular favourite as we love many of them!! The special moments with our family are the ones we love most!! And the ones of us laughing together as that really represents our relationship.

Tell us about your honeymoon…

Our honeymoon was possibly the worst holiday we have been on together, but we now laugh about it!! We have now acknowledged that some very stressful moments could have been quite hilarious!! We now have a holiday to China booked in August which it think might be our ‘take 2’ hahaa

What tip would you give other couples?

Try to be a present as you can and really soak up every minute of it all, the planning, the fights, the excitement and the day! Don’t get carried away with drama and the smaller things because they won’t matter once it’s all over!


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