This week’s Wedding Wednesday features these very sweet young things – Sam and Laura.  They have appeared on my blog previously with their engagement photos which we took at Little Beach. Little Beach is very special to these two – so we were back again for their wedding party portraits too. Have a read below to find out why.

Little Beach

Describe how you met & tell us about your proposal.

We met through friends and saw each other at gatherings and what actually started us talking was a paper aeroplane. We were sitting opposite a fire and hadn’t really talked then I made and threw a paper aeroplane out of just some rubbish and he caught it and we started talking and went from there. The first time we hung out alone was at Middleton. It was 5 degrees and raining and stormy and we went for a walk in the water. It was crazy but that was the most amazing and special time together.

Did your chosen location have any specific significance?

Where we got married was more important for me than Sam. My family use to own Dymesbury Lodge and when I was six we moved in next to the gardens. Nanny and Pop Pop Maxton were like adopted grandparents to me and my sister. We eventually moved away but still went to visit them and feed the ducks along the river with them. I told them in person about my engagement and they were so happy for me. but two a month and a half before the wedding Pop Pop had a heart attack and was flown to Perth. His wife took the wedding invitation up to him and she told me it made him smile and he couldn’t wait. Unfortunately he passed away shortly after. His wife attended the wedding and she was the first person I saw when i was walking down the isle.

Little Beach was where he took me for our very first date and it was also the place where he proposed to me.  We had a wedding picnic on the big rock where the photos were taken.

What was your most memorable moment of your wedding day?

The most special moment for me was seeing Sam at the end of the isle and all of our incredibly supportive and loving family and friends being apart of Sam and I becoming one. But also it was my Dad, I had held myself together all morning even when he saw the dress and he was so brave for me and kept me strong. He didn’t cry because then I would’ve and I didn’t get nervous until I had to walk to Sam with him. He asked if I was scared or nervous. I finally admitted to only him that I was nervous because its a big day and so much had gone into it. But he told me everything would be okay that he was proud of me and that I couldn’t have found anyone better and he will always be there for me then he held my arm tighter. That I will never forget.

For our honeymoon we went to Exmouth. We stayed at the Manta Ray Resort for a week or so. It was perfect for us because of love swimming, fishing and snorkelling. There wasn’t a day where we didn’t go out exploring together.

What one wedding planning tip would you give other brides/couples?

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, let people help. I felt I would seem weak if I let people help but that is not the case.




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