Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It’s the prefect day to share Kim + Gav’s “love story”!

Kim + Gavin were married on Gavin’s Denmark family farm, Naracoopa which is located conveniently close to William Bay. The ceremony will be held in the garden with the small island dam as the backdrop, along with one very inquisitive horse, some ducks, cows and “Boston”! “Boston” is Kim + Gavin’s baby – an enormous 6 month old Bernese Mountain Dog who provided lots of entertainment for us all as well as his duties as ring-bearer.

I asked Kim for somequestions about their wedding day;

Tell us how you met?

Gav and I meet in New York City – August 2010. Gav proposed in Sept 2016 and I had no idea it was happening.

I LOVED the colours you chose for your wedding. Did you have a specific  theme?

Our theme represented everything that was important to us. – travelling, country, yellow. 

Yellow = sunshine & smiles always.

Travelling = boarding pass and passport for our invitations as we met while travelling and we continued the travel theme through the reception.

Country = Gav’s family farm, Naracoopa and Rickety Gate, our favourite venue where we celebrate all our special occasions together.  The old gates represented my love for gates and the fact that I was so blessed to have grandparents that own a large property over East (Cattle Stud and Cropping). They were unable to attend the wedding so this was our way of including them. The gates were also from Gav’s grandfathers property (since passed away).

What was your most memorable moment of your wedding day?

Seeing Gav and then all the Guest and saying hello to everyone while walking down the aisle. Having Jaq (from Rickety Gate) on the dance floor dancing to the Tigers theme song as they won the grandfinal that day.

Do you have a favourite photo?

We love them all. Especially love the photo of Layla telling us all to “ssshhh!”

Tell us about your honeymoon.

We enjoyed 10 days in Phuket booked 7 days prior to leaving. Our trips are always planned well in advance and generally have the next trip booked before we have even left for the first trip.

Any final tips, advice, special comments?

Do exactly what you want! (Which is what we did!)

Thank you to all our guests, many of whom travelled from Perth, Esperance, QLD, VIC and the UK. Thank you to the amazing job all that all our Suppliers did. Special mention to Frederick and Jaq from Rickety Gate. Perfection really does exist!

Gavin + Kim chose these wedding suppliers for their magic day.




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