No mater how many hundreds of weddings I shoot, I still get nervous before each & every one of them  – ESPECIALLY when the bride is a photographer too!

But I needn’t have worried with these two – Kayla & Paul were so incredibly laid-back and trusting that I instantly relaxed and had a lot of fun at the divine Tree Elle Retreat. I love that every time I shoot a wedding at Tree Elle, I discover yet ANOTHER hidden corner in the immense immaculate gardens  – it’s truly a wedding photographers’ dream come true!

And speaking of dreams coming true, here’s Kayla’s account of their romance & magical wedding day!


Tell us about Paul’s proposal…

We went to school together, then got talking one night after footy and the rest is history! 10 years later, after Paul had been away for 5 weeks (I did our front yard while he was away to surprise him) he got home and we sat out on the front verandah and watched a summer storm roll in while we admired the new yard! We were talking about kids and watching them grow up and run around one day when he reached over and held my hand and asked me to marry him! Then whipped a ring out of his pocket!

How did you go about your wedding day planning?

We wanted a really gorgeous, laid back casual day where we could both have an awesome time and just relax and celebrate with family and friends! (and succulents had to be included!)

Tell us about your wedding.

It really was one of the best days of our lives! I think back on it with absolute love and happiness and couldn’t have wished for it to be anything better! Everything was just so relaxed and chill and everyone had such an awesome time!

What special touches did you plan for your day.

Having the photo lost my sister of my sister Janelle and my Nanny & Pop on my bouquet so that they were right there with me. I lost my sister when she was a baby (her middle name was Kate as well which is why our baby is named Isobel Kate) and I was sooo sooo close to my grandparents and one of my biggest regrets for us (Paul!) not getting our shit together sooner so they could have been there to see me get married as well. Also my granny reading a poem during our ceremony was pretty special!

Which is your favourite photo from the day?

This question isn’t fair!! There are so many! All the ones that show the emotion of the day! The excitement, the happy tears, the fun, all of them!

And your most treasured memory?

Oooooh! This is hard! Probably knowing how ridiculously nervous Paul was, to look out the house window and see him standing there at the end of the isle waiting!  I may have been a little nervous that his nerves would get the better of him!!

Words of advice for my couples planning their wedding?

Dont stress! Just enjoy the day, it will all come together and the only one that will know if something doesn’t g o to plan is you, so don’t worry about what everyone else will think! Also, if you have the chance, take a few minutes on your wedding day to take a little wander and stand back and just take in all the love and amazingness!

Always a pleasure to work with these great wedding vendors.


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