Oh Julz + Nic!

Adored everything about this wedding. You really are the perfect match. The Ying and Yang. Julz brings a kooky, spirited approach to everything she does while her rock, Nic, is such a kind, grounded country boy. What an exciting future you have ahead of you.   Thank you for letting me be part of your magical day.

Can we do it all again next year?

{Krysta} Describe how you met & tell us about your proposal.

{Julz} We met in high school, although we didn’t run in the same circles. It wasn’t until after school that we finally got to know one another and started dating – and spending every other weekend at the beach! On our eight year anniversary, whilst on holiday in Ubud, Nic got me out of bed at the very end of the day, told me to stand by our private pool and close my eyes. I remember shouting ‘if you push me in this pool, I swear to god!’ before Nic took a hand off my eyes and I saw him kneeling in front of me holding a shiny ring in his hand. Out of mere shock I started to say ‘No, no, no, no, no’ before I realised that was the opposite of what I wanted to say and I said yes.

Did you chose a particular theme or style and if so, why?

We didn’t choose a particular theme or style as we planned our wedding – as our day was based firmly around our guests and how to facilitate a celebration that could be enjoyed by everyone. So we ended up choosing Tree Elle Retreat because Kim just made it so easy for us that it would have been silly to have it anywhere else. The gardens were beautiful and it was a flexible venue that meant we didn’t have to stress about last minute cancellations or surprise RSVPs. We were of the mind ‘the more the merrier’ and wanted as many of our guests to be able to celebrate with us as possible.


Did your chosen location have any specific significance?

We’re both from Mount Barker, so we always wanted to get married in the Great Southern region near our family and friends. Tree Elle Retreat was perfect. Nearby to Peaceful Bay (where we’ve spent many a camping weekend) for the beach photos Nic wanted, but a beautiful and flexible venue that just made it so easy to plan all of the other aspects of the wedding.


Tell us about any special touches/mentions/family traditions at your wedding.

It was important to us that our parents be a part of our ceremony, as they have had such a big role in shaping us to be the two people we are, and creating the perfect partner for each of us! So my father walked me down the aisle, Nic’s Dad handed up the rings, and our mothers both handed us each our vow cards. It was so special to have them included.

The other special moment was having my Uncle Lynsey be our MC. I lived with him and Aunty Jan for a while when I first moved to Perth and I’ll be eternally grateful for their love and generosity – and Uncle Lynsey is hilarious! He did such an amazing job as an MC and threw in some hilarious jokes and questions, especially when it came to playing the shoe game! It was a highlight of our night.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

It’s so hard to narrow it down to just one! From the ceremony to partying all night long and the inevitable ‘Eagle Rock’ appearance where the boys dropped their dacks (and a couple of ladies joined in!)

It was actually your suggestion Krysta, that Nic and I head off on our own to have photos taken at the beach.

It was such a beautiful, overwhelming moment walking around the corner of the aisle to see him waiting there, seeing him for the first time that day – but we didn’t get a chance to chat, or say hi. It wasn’t until we took off with you & Hamish (our videographer) that we got to take a breath. Just being able to enjoy each other’s company and stop and take note of the day was an incredible relief and something we both really treasure from the day.

Tell us about your honeymoon

We spent just over a week in Singapore and it was everything we needed to be. We left the Monday after the wedding and spent three night on Sentosa Island relaxing by the beach, drinking beer and doing the ‘adventure-y’ stuff that Singapore had to offer. After that, we spend five nights nearer to the city soaking in the Singapore culture and enjoying each other’s company.


What wedding tip would you give other brides/couples?

My biggest and only tip is to try and keep some perspective. Yes, it’s an important day but not the only one in your life. For me, the wedding and marriage wasn’t a change in our relationship (as evidenced by how much we still argue about the dishes after our wedding), but a celebration of it. Make decisions that aren’t going to cause you stress on the day and don’t sweat the little stuff. Guests don’t keep the fancy lined envelope that the invite came in, most won’t even keep the invite – they keep their memories of the day and you two in love.










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