Gary + Jo were married on the steamiest Saturday at one of my favourite places for weddings – Camp Quaranup.   They are a lucky couple as recently the Department of Sport and Recreation put a hold on all bookings for wedding.  But I’m really hoping that this unique water-front venue will again be on offer for couples.Here’s the story of Gary + Jo’s wedding day in their own words…

A black and white theme with a splash of colour in orange flower arrangements. This proved to be simplistic with a dash of class, although with our rowdy bunch that was to be short lived. We had a fair idea of how we wanted everything to look although it was proving harder to find certain items. In the end we were suitably pleased with the balance between the black and white and colour with the ‘props’ we managed to get our hands on.

I had my heart set on a florist however that wasn’t meant to be. Only 8 weeks out from the wedding I had to move to “Plan B” and find someone new. I was in Albany for the weekend and walked into Hot House Flowers and could not have been more impressed by Cath. I explained the situation and Cath told me not to worry.  I could not have been more happier with the final outcome – my bouquets were everything I hoped for and more.


Jo’s dress?
The dress was purchased after only the third visit to a dress shop (much to the delight of the bridesmaids).   I was always looking for a lace overlay and with two layers of lace on my dress this one hit the mark. The under lace reminded me, as strange as it may sound, of the large flowing lace curtains we had at home when I was a kid (lucky they were nice curtains).   The shoes were from attempt number three for shoe purchases. My first pair I decided they weren’t quiet what I was looking for.  After buying a second pair online I got sent the wrong size and finally exchanged them to fit my foot perfectly.

Hair & makeup?
Amber & Chantelle. I have been going to see Amber for 5 years for my hair, she is now someone I would consider a good friend. Amber had mentioned one day she had a friend who was a wedding makeup artist. I met Chantelle and we hit it off immediately and I knew she would be the best person for the job. The hardest thing was asking ever so nicely if they would both be willing to travel to Albany. Both agreed without hesitation. 6 months out from the wedding I find out Chantelle is pregnant and due a week before the wedding. Although a little concerned I was assured she would be there for me, even if she had to travel with a newborn baby. As the date got closer Chantelle mentioned “Dakota” was not budging, ending up having to drive down the morning of the wedding, doing hair and makeup and heading straight home (only in Albany for 4 hours) just in case she went into labour. Chantelle went on to do another wedding the following weekend before Dakota finally arrived.

From the moment we started the planning we had our eyes set on Camp Quaranup for the wedding.  It was a venue we both knew well from growing up in Albany and had everything we both wanted.  It was a location we could hold both the ceremony and reception with the option of people to stay if they wish knowing we had a lot of people coming from Perth and beyond. 

Your celebrant? 

Wendy Edgeley from Denmark.   After meeting her for the first time we knew we had picked the perfect lady to control the ceremony.   Her skills making the ceremony so personal using information we had provided separately was absolutely flawless!  I don’t think could have went any better. We have had many friends tell us that Wendy’s ceremony was one of the best they had heard.

Most memorable moment? 
Gary – When Jo was nearing the end of the walk up the aisle and I was still very nervous and wanted to break the silence so all I could conjure up was ‘Nice Dress’
Jo – When I pulled up in the car and saw all the guests, everything got very real very quick. I was so nervous until I got to the red carpet, looked up and Gary was there waiting for me.
Favourite photos? 

The one below – our nerves had are settled, formalities were over, and we were ready to celebrate with family and friends.  We also love the one of us at the green boat-shed – we were so relaxed, content and happy to have each other.  The  lines and colours just all flow.


This is another favourite – a group photo that just captures all of us in the perfect setting.



Did everything go to plan?
I honestly don’t think the day could have gone any better, we had perfect weather and all (in Albany!!). The only thing that springs to mind is when we ran out of Sparking wine only an hour into the reception. Luckily we had a neighbour of mum and dads who came to the rescue bringing out another few cartons within ½ hour and problem was solved.

Special mentions?
We could not thank our friends & family enough. We had so many people help us out – Pete Hanlon & Don Rattray with the cars and Deb Guest making the cake just to name a few. It makes you realise how important family and friendships are.

The party / reception?
We had always planned on a cocktail reception and wanted to encourage plenty of mingling.  The garter games were a huge hit. The boys having to jump through hoops, Adrian (the eventual winner) then taking the garter off Gary’s leg with his teeth blindfolded!  Gary managed to sneak off just before the games began to put a stocking on, adding Jo’s dress over Gary’s leg.  Adrian was none the wiser until that blindfold came off.

For our honeymoon we went for a week to Langkawi and KL, Malaysia.  We didn’t have a lot of annual leave spare, and we had a longer 6 week holiday planned for the USA in 2013.  Langkawi was one of the most relaxing places we have ever been to outside of Australia.  We had a beautiful villa right on the beach which was only accessible by golf cart from the top of the property – with wildlife all around (Included are some attachments of the view from our room)

My thanks to Jan for assisting me in capturing this wedding.

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