Parents are often surprised when I tell them I really enjoy photographing teenagers.

      Whether I’m photographing a teen who loves the camera, or a teen who is less than enthusiastic about the whole thing (Mum made me!!), I really consider it a privilege to photograph a person at a time of experiencing daily transformation, and figuring out the world!  It might take a bit of bribery, but whatever it takes, make sure you capture this special time in their lives photographically, because they will be adults in no time.

      Sometimes they’re super shy, and they just feel uncomfortable with the attention on them. Sometimes they are self-conscious, and think that they aren’t photogenic, so they feel awkward. And sometimes they’d rather be cleaning their room than sitting there with you and a camera (yep, that bad!).
      When it came time for the Fordham Boys to have their session with me, I knew I had an ally in Number 3 – Jarad!  My biggest challenge was to stop him talking!!!  Thanks for your help Jarad!