My blogging is sooo random & inconsistent  –  BUT this will change because of my 2018 New Years Resolution – soooo random & inconsistent that somehow Denny + Scott’s wedding missed being featured here – and its one of my all tiem favourites so I’m not sure how this happened?! 

The stunning Greens Pool was at it’s most fabulous for Denny & Scott after a few dodgey looking days leading up to their wedding.  I was thanking my lucky stars!

Because Scott was living in Albany when the couple first started dating, and Denmark/Albany were an important part of their early romance, Rickety Gate Estate was a perfect fit for their wedding reception!  Denny described the venue as understated yet refined, relaxed and warm embracing atmosphere filled with delicious food, wine and people.

A lot has happened since this perfect day, with Denny + Scott’s little family expanding to included a beautiful baby boy and a cheeky chocolate labrador.  Here’s more about their wedding from Denny:

Tell us how you met….

Scott and I were introduced by our very good friends Tagen and Cameron. Scott proposed to me at our home on a Friday evening after a romantic dinner that he had prepared.

Did your chosen location have any specific significance? 
We chose to get married at Green’s Pool, a favourite destination of mine and one of the first place scott and I went on a date. Scott was living in Albany when we first met, so I would frequently travel from Perth to see him.

Tell us about any special touches/mentions/family traditions at your wedding.

Our wedding had many special touches – from having both my parents walk me down the aisle, to having rakia, a traditional Bulgarian spirit and shopska salata, a traditional Bulgarian salad to start our reception in addition to some traditional Bulgarian folk music and line dancing, to homemade take home caramel cups made by my mother in law. The most special touch is having an amazing wedding cake made especially for us by my sister.

What was your most memorable moment of your wedding day?

Seeing Scott for the first time and the way he looked at me. From the moment on the rest of the day was like floating on a cloud!

Which was your favourite photo & why?

Where to start – there were so many amazing photos! I love the photos with my family getting ready, our first walk up the aisle as husband and wife, the photos with the rocks and Green’s pool in the background, the photos of us in the forest especially the close ups. Basically all the photos!

We went to Hawaii and had the best two weeks of our lives. We went snorkelling with turtles and colourful fish, night diving with manta rays, witnesses sunrise over a volcano, surfed the beaches and many more wonderful memories.

What one wedding planning tip would you give other brides/couples?

Have fun and be kind to each other while you plan. Listen to what’s important to your partner.

It truly was the best day of our lives. Thank you to all the local vendors and special people who helped us along the way!



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