One of the best thing about getting married, in my opinion, is the honeymoon!

Meet Nilla Spark. As co-owner of Jetset Albany with her husband John, Nilla has experienced some incredible parts of the world, so I can think of noone better to shed some light on how to book a Honeymoon

When I called by her work to take this photo, I was thrilled she was wearing this bright top – because it is so “Nilla”. Vibrant, warm, nurturing, sparkling Nilla Sparks!  Here’s what she had to say…

Nilla, tell us a little about your business…
Jetset is a travel agency whose philosophy is to use travel & travel experiences as educational & life transformational. I never consider this as a business; it’s a way of life, a passion & a place that I love to come to every day to be amongst family (my girls) & friends (our clients).
You’ve been in travel for 30 years now, what has been the most unique or extravagant honeymoon you’ve booked.
A few years ago a client came in to see me saying that he wanted to surprise his “new bride” with something really special and we had to keep it a secret…I loved the process, so what we did was arranged a combination of Mauritius and Africa. Africa was her dream, and we arranged a luxury tent safari plus the luxury of Mauritius… it was a surprise until my client bought his new bride in the office and we went through their documentation together…One very excited couple and an even more excited travel planner…ME!!! The whole time I was planning I was there, and put together what I would have loved to have done myself…
What have you noticed about the honeymoon trend lately?
Honeymoons are so personal; it depends of what is important for the couple and fitting into their criteria i.e. budget, time and experience. One thing that we do in our office is offer a Bridal Registry card that they can put in with their invitations so guests can contribute to their honeymoon.
How would you best describe your service philosophy?
Ask questions, listen, advise, get excited, inspire and do all to make our clients experience one that they will always remember…
What one tip would you give any reader who is planning a honeymoon? 
As weddings can be very stressful, so much planning so much love, heart and thought has gone into that special day that the honeymoon should be (in my “romantic” opinion) firstly romantic!!!   What do I mean? That you spoil yourselves for at least the first few days in a peaceful, beautiful and restful place, time to “get” to know yourselves again.
What are your dreams and plans for Jetset Albany?
Use and leverage our travel knowledge and expertise that we have accumulated over the past 30 years.  Our dream is to share this knowledge either via personal contact, social media presence, creating both in the office and online presentations. Our online presentations are in the process of being produced at the moment and will be able to be viewed on our site
How can our readers find out more about Jetset Albany?
Well, if I have inspired your readers to learn more about Jetset Albany we would love to meet them at 151 Albany Highway, Albany (0898424900), I have a facebook group – Your Travel Planners, we have a regular full page in the Albany Advertiser, and our website which we are constantly adding new content to…we are also producing on the site a TV show entitled “A Week in the Life of a Travel Planner” where I let you know what we have been up to so that you get to know the behind the scenes of our agency. Would love to hear your thoughts and have you subscribe to our newsletter, go and have a laugh as you watch me on

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