Here’s the second in my series of profiles of businesses I’ve worked with on weddings.  Meet the gorgeous Amanda.  She’s everything a make-up artist should be in my opinion!  Aside from being totally stunning herself, Amanda is as lovely as she looks! I asked her a few questions about her work with weddings…

What drew you to the beauty industry? 
I was always the one making up my girlfriends before we went out, always the one obsessed with nail polish & makeup as a child so it just seemed to be the way to go, after doing my training I knew that it would always remain my true love and that it would be a profession that I would enjoy and succeed at.
Noticed any make-up trends from your recent weddings? 
I’ve definitely seen a real increase in the request for a “glamorous” look including false eyelash pieces & winged liquid eyeliner to increase the look of the eye area and really bump up the glamour!

What 5 words best describe your make-up style? 

versatile – flattering – long-wearing –  comfortable – complimentary
You’re currently planning your own wedding. What one tip would you give our readers? 
Get yourself a good skin care routine ASAP!  Make up can only take you so far, but good skin shines through any makeup, and will make you FEEL confident too!
Any dreams for the future of your business that you can share? 
My business has a small clientele which suits my current lifestyle, but I will be focusing solely on beauty therapy in years to come, to fit in with the patter of little feet!
What is the memorable “wedding make-up moment”? 
Watching brides or mother-of-the-bride look at themselves/the bride after the makeup, hair dress is on – the expressions, and emotions of feeling so beautiful and feeling like a real princess  – it’s fantastic for me knowing that I played a part in one of life’s unforgettable moments. 
How can our readers find out more about Amanda Porritt? 
Contact me on 0439 983 513 for information and price-lists.

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