If you went along to the Albany Show this year, you’ll no doubt have seen this amazing display.  The judges agree with me – they gave it first place!
With just one weeks’ notice, Hamish & Sam of SMASH Creations built this eye-catching display (three days planning, three days building) for Albany Solar.   
Their brief was open to their interpretation which meant their creative juices could really flow!  They came up with an environmentally friendly design that was in keeping with both the business & industry as a whole.  Incredibly,  the bulk of the display was  constructed  from recycled pallets and cardboard – in fact, 95% of the display came from the “rubbish” at Albany Solar. 
I suspect SMASH Creations will be in BIG demand for next year’s show displays, judging from the reaction of the general public!

PS You may have seen a previous post from another of SMASH Creations’ events on this blog…


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